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Visit Euro Motor Servicing Ltd in Bristol for metal recycling. You can also rely on us for free collection and recovery for scrap cars. We also cover Keynsham, Bath and the surrounding areas.
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Dispose of your scrap car safely

Are you looking to scrap your car at an approved facility? Our garage provides an environmentally friendly scrap car disposal service, which also includes a prompt vehicle recovery service which saves you time and money. Whether your vehicle has run its course, been totalled in a wreck or failed an MOT, we can take it off your hands. As a family-run garage, you can be assured of a friendly and reliable service from us at all times. With over 20 years in the industry, you are sure to be fully satisfied with our service.

With free advice and a promise of a good price for your vehicle, you can always count on us to come through for you. In addition to car scrapping and metal recycling you can also depend on us for car servicing and MOT repairs. Get in touch with us today. 

Our car scrapping process

  • Firstly, the shell of the car is de-polluted, and any pollutants are safely stored
  • The fluids in the car are then fully drained and disposed of safely 
  • Re-usable parts from the car are removed and cleaned up, and re-sold with your permission
  • Any remaining parts that can’t be re-sold are also removed and recycled
  • Finally, the chassis of the car is crushed and fed into the baler, before being melted
A Certificate of Destruction can be issued on request.
 car scrapping process
Re-usable parts from the car

Environmental policy

Our concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of our company. We do recognise that the actions of our employees and the use of energy may all be potentially detrimental to the environment, and as such, we constantly strive to achieve higher standards in all aspects of our business practices.

At Euro Motor Servicing Ltd, we aim to reduce the pollution and waste associated with vehicles, ensuring that they are disposed legally and responsibly in accordance with EU legislation.
Call Euro Motor Servicing Ltd for car scrapping and scrap car recycling in Bristol, Bath and Keynsham. 

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